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Bridgewalker acquired by Hive

Welcome to the Bridgewalker blog! The news is already a couple of weeks old, but I would like to use this first post to report that Bridgewalker has been acquired be Hive!

I was lucky to meet Wendell Davis at the Amsterdam Bitcoin conference in September and we had some great conversations about Bitcoin wallets and the Bitcoin ecosystem in general. So when he later approached me with the idea of Hive acquiring Bridgewalker and me joining the team, it did not take much convincing for me to decide that this was a great match and opportunity.

I am very excited about joining the Hive team and looking forward to building some great products. I will be focusing initally on helping out with the Android port of Hive, which will put Bridgewalker a little bit on the back burner for the time being. But it will continue to operate and I am looking forward to explore future possibilites of integerating it with the rest of Hive's offerings.

Watch this space for some cool additional announcements resulting from the acquisition!

Here is the original announcement.

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