Bridgewalker is a euro-denominated wallet for the Bitcoin economy. Here I, Jan Vornberger, blog about its development. Fun stuff to do: learn more and follow me.

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Bridgewalker is now open source

At Hive we have a strong commitment to open source. Today, we honor this commitment by open sourcing the Bridgewalker codebase. I am excited that this has been made possible by the Hive acquisition and am very much looking forward to the new possibilities and projects that this might lead to down the line!

Bridgewalker screenshot

The meat of the Bridgewalker codebase can be found in these three repositories:

Then there are a number of support libraries and tools which the Bridgewalker server depends on:

I'm afraid that the documentation is only rudimentary in many places. This was only a side project for me for a long time. A working Bridgewalker server also consists of quite a few moving parts, so getting it all set up is somewhat involved. But each repository contains a brief README file which should hopefully get you started. If you have any questions, I am happy to try to help out - just shoot me an email at [email protected].

Happy coding!

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